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Hair extensions: How to keep them in perfect condition

All natural hairs on our head or in natural braids or extensions toufakia we buy have the same structure and run the same risks. The hair in braids and extensions toufakia are more "vulnerable" because they are cut from the root to the "nourished".

The greatest risks of all natural hair is messed and the "break."

The main cause for both dehydration and weakening of hair.

Before we move on to what to do to avoid these dangers we put a natural hair under the microscope to see what it consists of.

Each hair comprises strong structural protein called keratin. This is the same type of protein that makes up the nails and the outer layer of skin.

Each hair has three layers:

1. The inner layer or medulla (only present in large thick hairs).

2. The middle layer known as the cortex. Bark depends strength, color and texture of the hair.

3. The outer layer is known as a "skin" or "flakes." The skin is thin and colorless and acts as the protector of the cortex.

All technical work (including dyes, the bleaching, the perm etc.) open and penetrate the "skin" to reach the cortex thereby weaken the hair and leave it unprotected.

Also all work styling with high temperatures also destroy the "skin" of hair.

So what happens when you "burn" your hair by bleaching is that you left the hairdresser bleached more time on your hair than the time withstand thereby completely destroy the cuticle and the cortex of your hair (the shell dissolved and together and the hair)

What happens when you frequent and laminated coatings is that is destroyed "cuticle" hair and "scales" stay open so your hair is dry and can get confused easily.

This happens also with the use of high temperatures is to leave the "scales" of hair off resulting in dehydration and confusion.

Hair dehydrating effect can not have any of the following factors:

1) Report of hair in the hot summer sun without protective spay and hat.

2) Stay of seawater or chlorine pool in our hair for a long time (this should soon get out of the sea or pool look for the nearest shower)

3) Any cause or environment can "dry out" our hair. For example if you are working in restaurant kitchen, a club that "allowed" smoking, if we drive a motorbike without a helmet and generally if there cares and moisturizes our hair

CONCLUSION: Whenever "we smash" the protective outer layer (epidermis) to "intervene" to bark "risking" the strength and texture of our hair.


1) Attention to Barber:

Ask your hairdresser to use anti-heat spray (spray protection from heat) and leave 20 minutes on your hair before starting the styling with heat tools.

For braids dyes and extensions request necessary to make first test paint at one end (the braids and extensions can react differently to dye your hair)

Learn about hydration and strengthening of hair products

2) Caution at Home:

Use at home anti-heat spray before styling with high temperatures

Untangle your hair every night before bedtime and gather into a loose braid to not confused sleep.

Use a special brush that detangles hair without "breaks"

Be careful to wash the braids and extensions with light vertical strokes without the "rub" or confuse. Use moisturizing products.

3) Beware of daily activities:

If you are an athlete and you wash your hair every day or work in an environment with odors, air pollution, etc. you have to deal daily with the care of your braids & extensions

4) Take frequent checking the status of your braids & extensions

On our clients recommend us to visit 3-4 times a month to check the status of braids & extensions. Thereby anticipate any danger in time.

Limited liability statement:

Our company is responsible to deliver your product in perfect condition and also take responsibility of any damage remediation is a technical work within the branch.

Our company is NOT responsible for damage suffered by the product of technical work to be done in another hairdresser or damage resulting from your misuse of the product.

Changes or returns on used products are not accepted


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