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Price: 200€

Medical Wig – Simple Lace , 100% Human Hair

All medical wigs of our company are manufactured in accordance with European standards and carry the CE mark. Along with Wig received Tab SERVICE, Warranty, Instructions and all supporting documents needed to receive a grant from EOPYY and your insurance fund. Read more details here

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All materials of the wig is audited by independent institutions, they do not cause allergies and does not contain inappropriate chemicals that are not safe for use in humans.
The hair is natural and you can use hair dryer, electric tools to make curls e.t.c. (always follow the instructions).

The inside cap of the wig is special soft and comfortable high quality material so they do not bother you at all that you are wearing a wig.

Application: With double-sided adhesive tape and/or clips

Dye: Yes

Quantity: 1

Color: as photo

To better fit and care see products in Accessories for Wigs



CountryDeliver viaCostDelivery days
Countries in Europe
Registered mail10 €7 - 15
Courier35 €4 – 7
GermanyRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
CyprusRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
GreeceCourier6 €1 - 4

Instructions USE & WARRANTY for Medical Wigs

H o w   t o   a p p l y  


  1. If you want to wear the wig before hair loss, wear a wig cap to tuck and hold your own hair and wear the wig over the cap.
  2. Optional use of adhesive tape: The adhesive double sided
    tape better stabilizes the wig and allows you to move comfortably without fearing that the wig will leave her position. Place small pieces of double-sided adhesive tape to your forehead where begins the hairline. Start the installation from the middle of the forehead and go right and left and turn off at the point of your ears.
    If the wig is type FULL LACE thoroughly clean points around the head to stick properly adhesive double-sided tape. If the wig is type FRONT LACE thoroughly clean the front to stick properly the double sided tape. Put the wig and gently press to stick on the front. Pay attention to stuck the beginning of wig's hair on the tape in order to hide the tape .
  3. Gently hold the front part of the wig and gently press backwards to apply. If your wig has cord on the back you can tighten to implement better. Otherwise put adhesive tape on the back.
  4. Cut around carefully lace left over. If you want, put makeup on your forehead at the point of application of lace.


H o w  t o  c a r e


 Wig maintenance instructions, we ask you to read and follow these instructions:

1. Wash your wig once every three weeks by a professional with expertise in the maintenance of the wig who will use special products for the proper care of. Do not wash or comb your wig by yourself, if you do not have experience.

2. Wear your wig after it is completely dry, otherwise it will do damage to the tires and stretched the basis of.

3. Gently brush the wig with special brush for wigs and extensions that combing without breaking the hairs. Never comb abruptly and violently it will do damage to the base. Used always heat protective spray before using heat styling tools.

4. Do not let your wig on warm regions, radiators, lamps and heat sources will dry the hair and the elasticity of the base will be lost.

5. Any change should be done only by professionals with knowledge of wigs. Most hairdressers do not have the proper training in wigs, remember that wig's hairs does not grow, so the haircut or technical work must be done with due reverence. The hair wig does not have the same oil, as our own hair and need to protect them from dehydration with special toiletries.

6. Use the special stand to ventilate and "resting" your wig when not worn and dry when you wash it.

Moreover, avoid the following:

1. Excessive exposure to sunlight and high temperatures.

2. Try not to wet the wig in the sea or pool, salt and chlorine in frequent use will dry the hair. If it is necessary to enter the sea or pool, gather hair in a tight braid so as not to tangle and wear cap. Periodically rinse hair with fresh water for better maintenance of the wig.

3. Do not use pins or something similar to handmade wigs with monofilament top or lace front because it will create holes in silk tulle.

4. Do not use hairspray or gel very strong, because they contain alcohol that dries the hair, but also alter the color.

Warning: before you make any change in the product eg painting, hairstyle, curl, etc. please separate a small amount of hair on the inside of the product to test, and then proceed to the complete change.




The company provides WARRANTY ten (10) months from date of purchase for:


TYPES: «Full lace Natural», «Front lace -natural», «Mono top- Natural»

Warranty conditions:

1) care (shampoo / reconstruction / hairstyle) done regularly (at least every 3 weeks) by the company.

2) All technical work (mowing / dyeing etc.) made exclusively by the company

3) The service card accompanying the warranty bearing the company stamp with date of purchase and any treatment or technique work

What is included in the guarantee:

1) Recovery free of charge for any mistakes made by the authorized personnel of the company for all the techniques performed by the company.

2) Free labor costs (does not include materials or hair) to repair the product

This guarantee does not apply if they:

* The customer did not bring the product to the company for regular maintenance (every 3 weeks)

* Damage caused by misuse, poor maintenance or repair / intervention by an unauthorized person or the user and used unsuitable products and methods.

For hygiene reasons not accepted CHANGE - REFUNDS for used products