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Luxury Elegance Cuticle Hair 50gr

Code: CUTI553

To select the color, click on

  • #01 Jet black
  • #02-Darkest Brown
  • #04- Dark Brown
  • #05 Ash Brown
  • #06 Medium chestnut brown
  • #08 Light Ash chestnut brown
  • #10 Dark blonden Brown
  • #12 Caramel brown
  • #14 Caramel light brown
  • #16 Ash light Caramel brown
  • #18 Dark blonde Beige
  • #18A Blonde medium Beige
  • #22 Blonde gold
  • #22A Golden blonde Beige
  • #24 Light golden blonde
  • #27 Dark blonden gold
  • #33 Choco
  • #60 Blonde bright
  • #60A Blonde White
  • #60S Silver blonde
  • #613 Lightest blonde

Price: 180€

Human Hair weft Luxury Elegance Cuticle Hair 50gr, length 53cm, width 65-70 cm

Width: 65-70 cm (with a tolerance of plus / minus 5 cm)
Lenght: 53 cm

Grams: 100gr

Heat friendly : Yes
You can use electric tools to do curls, straighten the hair etc

Dye: Yes
Can be darkened much more easily than open. For this reason, if you're not sure about the color, select a lighter color than what you want. If you want to do highlights in your hair extensions, you choose light color. The foil will keep the tufts with light color and dye the remaining hair. (ie do the opposite of that normally do in your hair)

Quality: Luxury Elegance Cuticle Hair
It is the best quality that exists in the world for the following reasons:

1) Hair comes from only one person (donor).
Advantage: This ensures that they behave the same in all technical work and styling ensuring a perfectly uniform and natural result.

2) Who are the donors?
Young girls who do not "damaged" their hair with technical work (colored,  etc.)
Advantage: Hair is "virgin" with all of its natural protein.

3) Collection
When hair  is harvested  the hair becomes first ponytail  and then cut. This process allows all hair  to be intact and flow in the same direction. The hair will stay in that bundle in the entire process ensuring the cuticles stay in the same direction.
Advantage: This means that hair behaves like our regular hair in hairstyle etc and we have a perfectly natural result

4) Production Process
The hair will be divided into 3 different groups. The first being suitable to make Dark colors.  The second group is suitable for medium colors and the last group is suitable for light colors. Thereafter, the hair is impregnated in nutrient solution for about 12 hours. This protects the hair protein and moisture, so that hair is not destroyed, especially during bleaching, on hair applied. For blond colors such as: # 22, # 24, # 613, # 60 bleaching is done with cold water for 5-7 days with natural products to keep the hair of its cuticles intact and in the same direction. This process is done slowly to ensure that the hair does not dry out so they will not tangle.
After the hair is bleached it is then be soaked in another nutrient solution for 2 hours and at the end the hair is washed at least 6 times to keep it clean.
Advantage: Hair is not at" risk " from chemical treatments and maintains its naturalness until the final stage of the production process.

Sewing the hair weft: we sewing the package to one or more extensions according yours references. If you want to buy this service add to your shopping cart the product "Sewing hair weft CUTIC53-100gr". Also in the "Comments" note the dimensions of the extensions you want to make the package (eg one extension width 28cm or 22cm width two extensions etc.)

Clips for the package: If you want to put your extensions with clips, do not forget to buy as many clips you need. The clips can be found in the category "Accessories for hair wefts & extensions»

Micro-rings for permanent installation: If you want to permanently place the weft with the method of rings do not forget to visit the category "Accessories for hair wefts & extensions»

Needles for placement tailors braids: If you want to place the weft with the sewing method in your head, do not forget to buy special needles from the category "Accessories for hair wefts & extensions»

If you need any further help contact with us at [email protected]


CountryDeliver viaCostDelivery days
Countries in Europe
Registered mail10 €7 - 15
Courier35 €4 – 7
GermanyRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
CyprusRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
GreeceCourier6 €1 - 4