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Human Hair weft silky 1Α 60 (48-50)gr

Code: HH1A605

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  • #01 Jetblack
  • #02 Dark chestnut brown
  • #04 chestnut brown
  • #06 Medium chestnut brown
  • #08 Light chestnut brown
  • #10 Medium brown
  • #14 Caramel brown
  • #18 Caramel brown light
  • #22 Light golden blonde
  • #24 Blonde gold
  • #30 Auburn
  • #350 reddish auburn
  • #60 Blonde white
  • #613 Lightest blonde

Price: 64€

Hair weft silky 1 A – no remy, 48-50 grams, length 57-60cm, width 90cm(+-5)


Width: 90cm(+-5)

Lenght: 57-60 cm

Grams: 48-50gr

Heat friendly : Yes you can use electric tools to do curls, straighten the hair etc
Dye: Yes
Can be darkened much more easily than open. For this reason, if you're not sure about the color, select a lighter color than what you want. If you want to do highlights in your hair extensions, you choose light color. The foil will keep the tufts with light color and dye the remaining hair. (ie do the opposite of that normally do in your hair)
Quality: Human hair Silky 1A no remy
Generally speaking, the quality of natural hair depends from sorting and treatment of hair ( e.g. disinfection for hygiene reasons ) . During this treatment some hairs retain more or less their soft texture . The hairs in quality "Silky 1A no remy" not maintained the maximum softness that they could maintain.
The term "no-remy" means that in the sorting procces all hairs are not placed at the same way and this means that they can easily be tangled (in comparison with the quality "remy").
Carefully follow the instructions on every package and will enjoy the hair weft for a long time without any problem. You do not recommend this quality for permanent placements.

Sewing the hair weft: we sewing the package to one or more extensions according yours references. If you want to buy this service add to your shopping card the product "sewing hair weft HHS-1A-STR45". Also in  "Comments" note the dimensions of the extensions you want to make the package (eg one extension width 28cm or 22cm width two extensions etc.)

Clips for the package: If you want to put your extensions with clips, do not forget to buy as many clips you need. The clips can be found in the category "Accessories for hair wefts & extensions»

Micro-rings for permanent installation: If you want to permanently place the weft with the method of rings do not forget to visit the category "Accessories for hair wefts & extensions».

Needles for placement tailors braids: If you want to place the weft with the sewing method in your head, do not forget to buy special needles from the category "Accessories for hair wefts & extensions»

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Countries in Europe
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Courier35 €4 – 7
GermanyRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
CyprusRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
GreeceCourier6 €1 - 4