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Privacy Policy (GDRP & COOKIES)

Our company collects and stores only the personal data you register and is necessary to provide you with a functional website, for example in the process of registering on the site and when ordering. Such data is your name, address, telephone, e-mail, the products you ordered. This data is useful for you to easily make orders without having to retype your data every time.

However, if you wish to delete this data you can send an email to info@digibeauty.eu entitled "Delete personal data".

Please note that in the case of tax items such as Invoices, it is not possible to delete the data for tax purposes. We also clarify that our company does not know and can not collect your credit card data because the card payment runs on the EUROBANK bank page and not on our own website.

Your registration in our site and product orders means your acceptance of this privacy policy and your personal data is collected and used with your consent.

Our company takes technical and organizational measures to prevent misuse of your data by third parties. In the technical part, for example, the transfer of your data is ensured by using SSL (Secure Relay Level) to communicate with your web browser. A padlock will be displayed by your browser so you can see when an SSL connection is being made.

In the organizational part, secure use of your data is ensured by accessing it only by specific employees who have signed confidentiality agreements.

Collection of general data (not personal data)

General information such as the IP address, the INTERNET provider, browser, data volume, language, and location (country / city) are used to protect company systems and optimize the site.

Use of Cookies

Cookies facilitate the smooth and complete operation of the site and also give you the maximum experience of visiting the site. You can prevent these cookies from being saved or delete cookies that have already been saved by receiving information from the manufacturer or through your browser's "Help" feature. In this case, however, certain features on our site will no longer be available