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hair wefts-all you need to know

In this article we answer the most common questions we receive from clients regarding hair wefts.

What is the Hair weft?

It is an additional piece of hair placed in the head of the client and increases the length and density of the hair.

How many pieces hair wefts should be put to have a good result?

This depends on how long and thick is your own hair and how rich the result you want to achieve. You can place one to six pieces in your head. What is common is to place three pieces (one over the ears, one between the ears and one at the height of the neck) that can be filled with small pieces on the sides of the head.

How much length and width must have the pieces you buy?

The length will decide depending on your height and the point you want to reach your hair. If you have a normal height and you want to reach your hair around the chest, you need a piece with length 45 cm. If you want to reach under the chest should choose braid with 50+ cm length etc. One sure way to decide the length is to measure with a tape measure from the height of your ear to where you want to reach the end of the hair extension.

For the width should be aware that a piece with width 28 cm covers from temple to temple, a piece with width 18-22 εκατοστά cover point between the ears, and a piece with width 11 - 15 cm covering the point of the neck.

Read more in our article "Film Guide - Width - Density for purchase braids» - click here http://m.digibeauty.eu/articles-det/35/Guide-length,-width,-density-for-purchase-hair-extensions&lang=en

Buy natural or synthetic hair extensions?

The advantage of natural (human hair) extensions  is that you can make any hair style you want (straight, curl, etc.) and also that can be dyed to match perfectly with the color of your hair (for dyes topics explain more below).

Natural braids can be placed permanently in your head or be with clips that 'snap' to your hair (the place - remove your own whenever you want)

The advantage of synthetic braids is that it is very affordable but you can not make any hairstyle you want and not dyed. Synthetic braids have already a style (straight or curl) and match the style of your hair.

Synthetic braids are with clips that 'snap' to your hair and not recommended for permanent placement.

If you want to wear braids occasionally and want to spend a little money, the choice of synthetic clip on extensions is good for you.

If you want to wear braids every day you should consider buying natural hair

See human hair clip on extensions in various styles and sizes this link http://m.digibeauty.eu/212/Human-hair-REMY&lang=en

See synthetic  hair clip on extensions in various styles and sizes in this  http://m.digibeauty.eu/213/Imitation-human-hair&lang=en

There are many qualities in Human hair extensions?

The quality of a natural trim depends on the process of collecting and processing of hair from the factory.

In the hair collection process plays a role if the hair is from one donor or several donors (each donor has a different hair quality). A braid then consisting of a donor hair with good hair quality is better than one braid consisting of many donors with different hair qualities (Note: donor is the woman who gave her hair).

Also in the process of collecting matter whether before the manufacturing the weft the hairs were placed all at the same direction (root - end) or not. If you put all the hair at the same direction the quality called REMY and has the benefit that can be tangled more difficult by the quality No. - Remy.

The process of treatment plays a role much. For example the method is used for decontamination of the hair or the procedure applied for coloring or styling the hair weft.

The more processed hair the more at risk for dehydration and reduce the hari life. That is why the very light colors (blonde white and silver) need more attention in dyes and styling than the darker colors.

So, depending on the collection and processing of natural braids are classified into grades with different prices. All grades of natural braids can be combed as you want (straight, curl, etc.) and be dyed. The difference between them is in how soft and silky texture has their hair when touched.

Look at the three qualities (1A, 3A, 5A) available in this link http://m.digibeauty.eu/417/Treses-metrou-fisikes&lang=en

How hair wefts placed?

The braids hair can be placed permanently in your head (wear them day - night) or with clips that "snap" to the roots of your hair (placed - removed whenever you want).

The advantage of permanent placement is that you have 24 hours a day beautiful and long hair without having to put it - remove the trim with clips. The disadvantage is that the braid will "wear out" faster (just because the wear continued).

The advantage of wearing with clips is that they are cheaper (not positioning or repositioning costs) but maybe you will be "tired" from everyday placement.

Women who want to wear their hair wefts occasionally prefer clip on extensions. Women who want to wear day and night their wefts prefer permanent placement.

How to bathe and I treat my braid?


Prior to bathe your braid is better to comb and detangle the hairs. Use a special brush that detangles without "breaks" the hair. See how are these brushes here http://m.digibeauty.eu/415/Accessories-Hair-and-Beauty&lang=en

If your hair is dangled it is better to sprinkle with a mixture of conditioner and water (avoid spraying in the mounting points or seams of weft)

Use shampoo for colored hair. Put shampoo into your hands (not on the braid), make foam and then bathe the braid with vertical movements (not circular) to avoid the tangle. Do not rub the braid and don’t make massaging movements.

Use a conditioner for colored hair.

It is good to use moisturizing hair creams, silicone, silk hair.

Comb again with the brush and let the braid to dry naturally on a towel. If you use a dryer to dry the braid careful not to tangle the hair.

Combing - Styling

Before using tools with heat for styling spray the braid with a special anti-heat spray to protect the hair. Do not use temperatures above 200 degrees in styling. Excessive use of high temperatures for styling will quickly dehydrate your braid

How do I dye my extensions

What you should know before you start

Make a first test (test)

Always test first. Separate a lock of your own hair and a tuft of the braid purchased. Paint the two strands of the same color to compare the results. Know that the dye mixture to braid needs peroxide 10 points and probably leave the paint shorter time than your normal hair.

Continuously observe two tufts to watch when you "get" the color you want. Once you see the braid to have the desired color rinse immediately.

If the test is successful you can proceed to paint the entire lipping following the same procedure.

DigiBeauty Stores

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Also, in our stores you can bring your braids for anything you need (dye, trim, reconstruction, hairstyle, repair  etc.).

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