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How to protect Wefts & Extensions from the Sea and Sun

The strong sun, seawater and chlorine in the pool can seriously harm braids & extensions and even your own hair.

Follow the instructions below to enjoy the sea and sun without risks:

1) While in beach protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen especially hair spay and not ever forget to wear your hat.

2) Before entering the sea wet your hair in the shower, apply it with a moisturizing product (hair cream, especially spray etc.) and collect up to not come into contact with water (sea or pool).

3) If you want to swim or dive use swimming caps to protect them (wet your hair in the shower before putting on the cap)

3) Once you exit from the sea or pool rinse your hair in the shower and comb your hair with special brush using conditioner (warning: Do not put hair conditioner in points joined your hair with extensions).

4) On beach activities (eg beachvolley etc.), rides on machines or open cars, the vivid dances at beach bar and any other activity can pester your hair remember protect them. The simplest way is to have gathered and to wear a hat or scarf. At the end of the day, apply products that will help them not to become dehydrated.

Note:  we suggest to our clients to visit our hair salons 2-3 times a month to make checking the status of braids & extensions. In this way, any problem can be treated at the beginning.


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