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Back again on 14th December

We open on December 14th

Our hair salons in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos have been operating since Monday, December 14, according to the new measures announced by the government.

What you need to know about hairdressing services:

1) Before you arrive it is necessary to have an appointment on the phones of the stores that you will find here https://m.digibeauty.eu/contact.asp or via a message on our facebook page or via e-mail at info@digibeauty.eu

2) As customers are not allowed to stay in a waiting area inside the stores, you will wait at the entrance in case the previous appointment has not been completed.

3) It is mandatory to use a mask inside and outside the store

4) The code you will send to 13033 is 2

What you need to know to buy products:

If you want to buy one of our products without having an appointment for hairdressing services you can not enter the store and you will pick it up outside the store according to the click away procedure announced by the government and it is as follows:

1) Order the product either directly from our e-shop www.digibeauty.eu or by phone in the stores (see here https://m.digibeauty.eu/contact.asp), or via a message on our facebook page, or by e-mail to info@digibeauty.eu

2) You pay the value of your order electronically by deposit in our bank account or with your card or with PayPal.

Note: Payment by card is possible not only in the e-shop but also in orders by phone / message on facebook / e-mail through the Payment Link of Eurobank (see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= mKWfmSWTUqA & feature = emb_logo)

3) Contact us to make an appointment at a specific time and pick up your order outside our store.

4) We send you sms on your mobile phone for the time of the appointment

5) Send sms to 13033 with the code 2

6) In case of control, show the above two sms

7) Outside the store keep a distance of 2 meters from the rest. The queue should not exceed 9 people

8) It is mandatory to use the mask outside the store

9) If you want you can pick up your order via courier at your home with a surcharge of 6 euros but be aware that courier companies do not deliver immediately due to workload. In case of receipt by courier you can also pay by cash on delivery (payment to the courier at the time of receipt)

Note: In case you have an appointment at the hairdresser and for the implementation of the appointment you need to buy a product (eg placement of tress or tufts of extensions or wig or postis etc) it is understood that you will not need to pick up the product outside the store and we then tell you to come in for your appointment.

You will come directly into the store at the time of your appointment and you will pay in the store the full value of the hairdressing services and the product.