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Code: SETA32B

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Price: 53€

3 pieces Hair extension Set-Density 2 rows of hair , Length 60 cm, Width: 26, 16, 11 cm.
Code - SKU: SETA 3/2B

Style: Straight

Width: 26, 16, 11 cm.
The width of the first piece is 26cm and can be placed over the ears. The second piece is 16cm wide and can be placed between the ears. The third piece is 11cm wide and can be placed in the neck.

Length: 60 cm
The length 60 cm usually reaches about your waist (measure with a tape measure to see where it reaches to you)

Density: 2 rows
The 2 rows have low - medium hair density but the density of this set is normal because it contains 3 pieces.
Generally know that if you want to increase the length of your hair use density of 2 rows (if you have sparse hair), 3 rows  (for normal) and 4-5 rows (for thick hair). Remember that the density of your hair must to be similar with the density of the hair extension because otherwise the extension will seem sparse.

Quality: Imitation hair
The imitation hair has the same look of human hair (not shiny) and withstand high temperatures (up to 170 ° C). You can wash, use hairdryer and electrical tools to straighten. They keep their style straight and you cannot do curls.

Heat: Heat Resistance (up to 170 ° C)

Dye: No
You cannot dye the imitation hair (but you can customize the color of your hair to the color of the imitation)

Application: Clip on

Quantity: 1 set

If you need help to choose the suitable extension for you visit the "Tips" or contact us

CountryDeliver viaCostDelivery days
Countries in Europe
Registered mail10 €7 - 15
Courier35 €4 – 7
GermanyRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
CyprusRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
GreeceCourier6 €1 - 4

How to apply
Part the hair horizontally at the point where you post the clips.
Just scrape the root of the hair (from the inner side and from the edges towards the root) at the point you will post the clip.
Place the clips (open) very close to the root and close (click) the clips.

How to care
Keeping the extension from the seam and add lukewarm water until soaked. We use shampoo or detergent for woolen or delicate clothes.
Put shampoo in your hands and wash the hair from top to bottom.
Do not rub or massage do.
Rinse well (always from top to bottom).
Apply conditioner in all the hair. Comb with a special brush for extensions, which untangles the hair without breaking.
Allow extensions to dry on its own or use a hairdryer . Comb as you like.
Withstands high temperatures (up to 170th C). But you can't do curls.

You can't dye the imitation hair. If you have any difference in color, you can dye your hair the color of the imitation hair.