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Code: FR16S24

Price: 440€

Wig lace front length 20cm Indian Remy 100% human hair excellent quality.
Code - SKU: FRL-16SSTR-24

Quality: Indian Remy 100% human hair excellent quality. The lace is only in the front half of the wig, to allow the customer to part the hair any way he or she wants. The human remy hair maintains its luxurious appearance for longer and not easily tangled. You can use electric tools to do curls and generally you can do whatever you can do to your hair.
Avoid only using strong chemicals (bleached, permed) because the hair can be endagered.

Combing - Styling: Yes

Resistance to heat: Yes

Size: One size

Application: With double-sided adhesive tape and/or clips

Dye: Yes

Quantity: 1

Color: as photo

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CountryDeliver viaCostDelivery days
Countries in Europe
Registered mail10 €7 - 15
Courier35 €4 – 7
GermanyRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
CyprusRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
GreeceCourier6 €1 - 4

Wig lace front

How to apply

1. Make your hair as "flat" as possible. For best result you can use a net or a wig net.

2. Hold gently in front of the wig (forehead) and gently push backwards to implement. Tighten the drawstrings in the back (if necessary). If you want to fix the wig even better because ie you will dance you can sew combs (clips) inside the wig (if you have hair), or use double sided tape .

How to care

Before you wash the wig spray it with conditioner and water and brush it from bottom to top. Soak the wig with shampoo and conditioner and brush thoroughly. Bathe and brush always in the same direction (use a special brush). Rinse completely with water and dry with towel. It is best to leave the wig to dry itself on the special stand, but you can also use hairdryer at medium temperature.

Brush the wig every day and spray it with conditioner often in order to keep the hair soft and hydrated.

When swimming always wear a cap to protect hair from chlorine or salt which is a cause of hair tangles.

Wash the wig at least 1 or 2 times per week with warm or cold water. Wash the wig immediately after swimming, spa, sports, etc.