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  • Ebony black 1
  • Espresso mix 4.2.6
  • Mocca rooted 830.27.20
  • Sand rooted
  • Sand rooted

Price: 270€

The treasured catwalk style of this season. A perfect longbob with a cheeky pony – for this change you need no courage at all. Be aware of the feathery cut and the absolutely natural colouring!

Synthetic hair excellent quality monofilament-monocrown
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Quality: Synthetic hair excellent quality monofilament-monocrown

Combing - Styling: No

Resistance to heat: No

Size: One size

Application: With drawstring adjustment

Dye: No

Quantity: 1

Color: Pick from the colour chart

To better fit and care look the following accessories:

Stand wig

Double sided tape thin

Double sided tape wide

Conditioner Ellen Wille

Antistatic spray Ellen Wille

Gel Ellen Will

Shampoo Ellen Wille

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CountryDeliver viaCostDelivery days
Countries in Europe
Registered mail10 €7 - 15
Courier35 €4 – 7
GermanyRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
CyprusRegistered mail10 €7 – 11
Courier35 €2 – 5
GreeceCourier6 €1 - 4

Watch the video and learn how to care your wig
For more informations read the following advices

Wig FRONT LACE - Synthetic

How to apply

1. Make your hair as "flat" as possible. For best result you can use a net or a wig net.

2. Hold gently in front of the wig (forehead) and gently push backwards to implement. Tighten the drawstrings in the back (if necessary). If you want to fix the wig even better because ie you will dance you can sew combs (clips) inside the wig (if you have hair), or use double sided tape (if you do not have hair).

How to care

How often you will wash your wig depends  of the use you will make. If you wear your wig every day you have to wash her 1-2 times a week.

Fill a basin with warm water.

Pour some of the special shampoo from “Ellen Wille” for synthetic hair.

Turn the wig inside out, so can see the seams and not the hair.

Press the wig into the water to get wet. Do not worry if is not created foam.

There’s no need to rub.

Leave the wig into the water for 10 minutes.

Then remove the wig from the water.

Try the water from the faucet not to be hot but warm and rinse out the wig.

Fill again the basin with warm water and pour some conditioner for synthetic hair “Ellen Wille”.

Put the wig into the water and leave her for 10 minutes.

Rinse her with the same way.

Use a soft towel  to dry the wig and then let her dry to a new dry towel.

Do not squeeze, do not hang up the wig and do not brush her until she is still wet.

It’s better to wash your wig at night because she needs a few hours to dry.

Place your wig on the special stand for wigs upside down for extra volume.

Let your wig to try completely on the stand.

For more protection you can spray the wig with conditioner “Ellen Wille” from the middle to the edges.

On curly wigs do not use comp,  you can fix their hairstyle with your hands.

 On straight wigs use special comb or comp with sparse teeth and start brushing from bottom up.

“Ellen Wille” wigs after washing keep their hairstyle.

For best results you can use Antistatic spray from “Ellen Wille”.

If you want your hair to have more wet style you can use the Ellen Wille gel .

Your wig is ready to wear!

You can wash your wig as many times as you want without fear of being spoiled .