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Long hair

If you have long hair and want to add length and density (volume) read the following tips:

1. The density you choose should be the same as the density of your hair. If you have normal density to your hair, choose piece with 3 rows hair density. If you have thick hair (rich density), choose piece with 4 or 5 rows hair density. This will help you achieve a seamless and natural result. Consider that if the piece will choose has less density than your own hair the result will look unnatural, because the piece will look sparse compared to your own hair. (In photo the girl wears one piece with 2 rows hair density and width 15cm at the height of the ears).

2. If you have thin hair or low density prefer many pieces with low density (1 or 2 rows each) instead of one piece with high density (3 rows and up).

3< ΤThe length you choose depends on how far you want to make your hair. Length of 45cm reaches about your chest (depending of course on your height), length 55cm reaches to below your chest and length 65cm reaches about your waist.

4. The width depends on the result you want to succeed. If you want to cover the entire back and side of the head (from temple to temple) choose piece with 28cm width (in the photo the girl wears piece width 28cm). If you want to cover the back of the head (between ears) choose piece 22cm or 25cm wide and then fix the result (if necessary) with a hair cut of your hair together with the hair piece.

5. You can choose between quality 100% natural remy hair or imitation hair. The natural hair can be dyed the color you want (just avoid the use of bleached) and you can straighten or make curls. The imitation hair cannot be dyed (you should dye your hair in color of the imitation hair). In some of them you can use electric tools for straightener but you can't make curls. In imitation products with curls remember not to straighten them because they will lose their curls forever.

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